How Bail Bonds Saves Taxpayer Dollars In El Monte

Many people may not have actually sat down and thought about the bail bonds industry, its contribution to the community, or even how it actually is saving taxpayer dollars. In this struggling economy and where counties all over the nation are struggling with their budgets, the commercial bail bonds industry is a viable industry that saves them money.

El Monte Bail Bonds is a completely licensed and professional bail bonds company who has earned the reputation of being the premium bail bonds company in Southern California. Dedicated to assisting clients secure a release from prison, our great company has an amazing success rate with ensuring clients keep to the conditions of their bail release agreement, which in turn saves the community money.

With over 3,000 counties across the nation having commercial bail bonds available, it stands to reason that commercial bail bonds are obviously both time and cost effective. They are also successful in ensuring that defendants adhere to the conditions of their bail bond agreements, meaning the court system runs faster, smoother and keeps the community safer.

A recent study in Dallas County, Texas, showed very impressive results in favor of commercial bail bonds. With over 22,000 releases looked at in 2008, including the four different release pretrial options available in that county, the study revealed that commercial bail bonds was the most effective of the release pretrial options. This study showed that defendants who were released via commercial bond (bail bonds company) were significantly and substantively less likely to fail to appear in court, when compared to the other three options.

When it was assumed that the public cost of $1,775 per failure to appear, the use of commercial bail bonds saved over $7.6 million among felony defendants, and $3.5 million among misdemeanor defendants. The use of commercial bail bonds, outperformed every other form of release when it came to getting the defendants to court, and the commercial bail bond options costs the county, $0.

This study could quite easily be compared to any other county in the nation, including California where bail amounts are the highest in the country. Other costs taxpayers need to be taken into consideration, include the cost of keeping a defendant in custody, as well as the cost to the tax payer in the event that a defendant runs, or skips bail. When a commercial bail bonds company such as El Monte Bail Bonds is used, the cost of chasing down, and returning a defendant to custody, is on the bail bonds company, and the co-signer for the defendant in their bail bond agreement.

Using a company such as ours, is also very beneficial to the defendant and their family. Most people may not be aware of how the bail bond process operates and not able to raise the amount of the bail on their own.

Our bail bonds company works in with each client individually including their particular financial circumstances to organize the bail bond fee. Having a professional company such as ours by your side during this difficult time, can also relieve much of the stress and financial burden.

Keep the number of El Monte Bail Bonds somewhere handy, just in case you ever need it. We can be contacted on (626) 213-2227, at any hour as we are available on a 24/7 basis. You can also visit our website for even more great information.